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Mental Games:

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Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games
Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games
Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games
Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games Mental Games

Multimedia Software
for home and school use

The training modules of "Mental Games" 'sense' how focused or relaxed you are and will vary their response according to your internal state. By using this combination of multimedia technology and biofeedback, you enter a new dimension of self-mastery.

You may soon notice that you are more relaxed in your everyday life, being present and focused without "burning out."

You will learn different strategies of interaction - your own strategies - preserving and developing your valuable inner resources.

The Mental Games multimedia software analyzes the tiny changes in your skin resistance values (GSR)* sent by the "Mind-Reflection" biofeedback system to your personal computer.

* see "Information" for more details

with Mind-Reflection GSR Biofeedback

Mental Games Mind Reflection

Just install the legendary software, plug in the “Mind-Reflection”, put on the electrodes on the finger and start the session!

For Windows 98, XP, VISTA, 7. No drivers needed.
The Mind-Reflection is specialy designed for Mental Games and VERIM. It is battery operated and you can take it with your laptop everywhere. Over 10 Years of experience and worldwide support!

"Mental Games" is designed for non-experts, children and adults as well.
It is a great fun for a whole family, to discover and share “what’s inside” with the other members of the family.

“Mental Games” is an ideal tool to master focus and deep relaxation. With Mental Games you can also train other skills like inner balance, flexibility, patience and fast reaction. They will help in increasing spatial abilities and in integrating eye/hand coordination with perception of vertical movement.

Mental Games

If you wish to learn more about the experience, philosophy and advantages of the psychointeractive training please read the “Information”,  “Modules”  & “Training” parts:

Here you will find information on biofeedback, its history and application and will be taken step by step to the key term of “Psychointeractivity”:


Here you will find a short description of each software module and its practical application:


In the “Training” you can read day by day exercises and explanations. This is part of the build in PI-Training manual in Mental Games based on experiences in VERIM seminars:


You can also find more interesting topics at related to Mental Games as well and use the experience of the VERIM in the seminars and workshops.

Stress reaction is a very positive feature embedded deep into our brain. It helps us to deal with everyday problems and activates in the states of fear. The problem is that in today’s everyday life we are exposed to increasingly many stress invoking factors…

We know today that too much stress may lead to psychological and psychosomatic problems.

VERIM is a biofeedback and self didactic system which will help you to recognize your own stress patterns and you will be able to learn how to “change” yourself.

VERIM is offered for semi-professionals and professionals in HR, psychology, coaching and consulting in three versions: Personal Edition for private use, ProNet for professional use and networking and “Coordinator Edition” consisting of 3 VERIMs ProNet, server software and “Mental Coordinator” control module.

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